Friday, September 30, 2016

Fifty Shades Darker Movie: Ian Somerhalder vs Zac Efron as New Christian Grey?

Fifty Shades Darker Movie: Ian Somerhalder vs Zac Efron as New Christian Grey?

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Rumors about the possible departure of Jamie Dornan might cast a shadow over the set of Fifty Shades Darker.

Speculation about the actor’s exit from the “Fifty Shades” franchise came about following news of his wife’s poor health. According to Movie News Guide, Amelia Warner is suffering from post-partum depression after giving birth to their second child.

Dakota Johnson has reportedly come forward to help Dornan with his dilemma. Interestingly, Warren’s condition reportedly stems from the steamy scenes of her husband and Johnson in the movie, HNGN wrote.

Should Dornan decide to step away from the role, who could possibly take his place as Christian Grey? In 2015, Capital FM drafted a list of possible replacements following rumors that Dornan would bow out from “Fifty Shades Darker.”

At number one is “Twilight” lead star Robert Pattinson. The publication surmised that his “dark and steamy visage” would suit the character of Christian Grey. Although he’s not an actor, Maroon 5 front man and “The Voice” coach Adam Levine certainly exudes passion.

Next on the list is Zac Efron who earlier hinted at his willingness to do a full frontal on film. The actor is in tiptop shape owing to his role in “Baywatch.” So he’s likely eager to show off his sexy eight-pack abs.

Three of the original members of the One Direction boy band also made the list, namely Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. Although they might not meet the age criteria for the role, the publication posited it as aspirational.

“Vampire Diaries” hunk Ian Somerhalder is another likely contender. His “famous scowl” plus amazing body could be a match for Dakota Johnson, the publication noted. Rumors that Somerhalder would leave TVD for “Fifty Shades Darker” circulated months back.

According to E! News, the actor was a prime candidate for the role of Christian Grey early on. However, the role went to Charlie Hunnam instead. Somerhalder isn’t upset about the loss since he’s on television most of the time.

However, he is thankful for his fans who cheered for him to star in the franchise. The original choice as Christian Grey could also be a possible substitute Charlie Hunnam. The actor exited the production shortly after the announcement due to scheduling issues, Variety wrote then.

  • marie

    My ONLY comment is that none of the above can “hold a candle” to Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and I certainly hope the powers that be think TWICE before Mr. Dornan leaves. I know I won’t be seeing the movies if he does.

  • Theresa

    Stick needles in my eyes before I would watch either Ian or Zac as Christian. Besides or they going to reshoot all the movies as they are almost done filming?

  • Phobe Grey

    Falls about laughing, will the Aussies believe anything? Both FS Darker AND FS Freed wrap production in a fortnight. Sorry folks it’s a done deal.

  • Aslinn McIntyre

    Really? Movie News? That is who you are quoting? Those people wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the arse…I am writing Australia Network News off my list….Dumb asses

  • Elizabeth Ledsham Scott

    Really! Is this journalism? Make up stories if you don’t have any? Both film are due to be wrapped very soon.