After “Fifty Shades of Grey” has become a box office hit this year, fans have longed for more news on the upcoming “Fifty Shades Darker.” In the highly-anticipated sequel, more characters are set to be introduced.

Despite the rumor on delayed productions, fans have rooted for celebrities whom they think should take part in the movie. In those speculations, the names of actresses Charlize Theron and Cara Delevingne continue to surface. But are there any truth in their speculations?

Theron was speculated to play Elena Lincoln, also known as Mrs. Robinson. Her character would be the adoptive mother of Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) who taught him BDSM.

E! Online noted that the South African actress was clueless about her possible role in “Fifty Shades Darker.” During the “Dark Places” premiere, she said, “I hadn’t heard that one. Wow, I’m just learning so much about myself on this carpet tonight.”

According to Movie Pilot,  “Prometheus” star Charlize Theron’s career is “in such a good place” that the actress won’t consider to have a minor role. On the other hand, fashion model Cara Delevingne might be possible.

Delevingne was mentioned to play the role of Leila Williams, who is Grey’s former submissive. Fashion & Style noted that the star would be a perfect fit. As the character of Williams appears to be a dangerous stalker of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), Delevingne playing the role would be a challenge for her.

Movie Pilot mentioned that the “Paper Towns” star failed to get a high reception from fans of “The Fault In Our Stars.” If Delevingne would play the role, she can prove more of her acting.

However, fans still have to wait for confirmation of who will play those roles. Production is rumored to be delayed because it still lacks a casting director. The site mentioned that this rumor seems credible because the “appointment of key production members” must be revealed to the public.

Nonetheless, “Fifty Shades Darker” is expected to be released on February 10, 2017.