Friday, September 30, 2016

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Jamie Dornan & Wife Divorce? Wants Dakota Johnson?

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Jamie Dornan & Wife Divorce? Wants Dakota Johnson?


There are reports that “Fifty Shades Darker” lead star Jamie Dornan is planning to divorce his wife, Amelia Warner, to pursue his co-star Dakota Johnson.

Yibada reported that Dornan has been going out with Warner to allegedly hide the fact that they are on the verge of separation. He has been consistently linked to Johnson, and some even speculated that they have an affair.

The hearsays got stronger when the actress ended her relationship with ex-boyfriend Matthew Hitt. Then, she surprised Dornan on his birthday by filling his trailer with balloons. Thus, the rumors ignited again.

However, Mail Online obtained photos showing Dornan and his wife enjoying a day at the beach, and it looks like the couple is having fun. However, amidst the positive photos are comments stating that the snapshots are all part of a PR stunt.

“Let’s be real, now there both back to their old relationships. There’s no more talk about Dakota being with Rita,” username Suzieqq2500 wrote.”This is a total PR stunt to take the heat of Jamie’s affair with Dakota. Amelia’s doing everything she can to save her sinking marriage.”

It appears that not all are convinced with Dornan and Warner’s relationship status. Who else could remember how he confessed his unconditional love to her? “I was smitten from the start, I really was. I’m more in love with her today than I was at the start, “he told Independent.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are yet to address the rumors. Meanwhile, it is forecasted that “Fifty Shades Darker” will be a better film than “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

The sequel is allegedly planning to reveal more intimate and kinky scenes to display its genuine BDSM theme. Adding excitement to that, there are hearsays that Dornan and Johnson’s character will tie the knot at the end of the sequel.

“Fifty Shades Darker” premieres on Feb. 10, 2017.

  • Tessa

    Oh so he talks personally to his real fans? Like you? Wow I’m impressed

    • memyself&i76

      don’t you know these “real” fans have his phone number, one claims to be his neighbour & Pr occasionally.

  • memyself&i76

    Poor Dakota then… I like Jamie but he isn’t good enough for Dakota. The only relationship I thought Jamie suited and really truly happy was when he dated Keira. I’m tired of all these pap pics, fake or not its still over kill.

  • laura troxel

    There are so many rumors/stories going around it hard to decipher fact from fiction. What’s the big deal if she sent him balloons on his birthday. That is what friends do. Its no wonder they wont post any pictures of themselves on the movie’s Instagram page like everyone else. Can you blame them. Think of the rumors from one innocent picture. Its bad enough when the pictures of them on set leaks and everyone starts coming up with all sorts of ideas about their relationship. Its too bad that there has to be all this drama. They are real people with real feelings playing characters from a the best trilogy I have ever read. If they are a couple great makes the movie more real if they are not that’s ok too. Most importantly they are two people who have formed a strong bond together through these movies. I believe they are truly close to one another and respect and trust each other. Let’s get back to the shooting this movie and leave there personal life alone. Dakota, Jamie, Amelia are the only ones who know the truth. We are just the bystanders eager for any information we can get. Let’s get back to the way things were when they started filming these movies. I love seeing there playfulness, smiles, and general fondness for each other. There looks to be a lot of tension between Dakota and Jamie by looking at all the pictures of them together. That is very sad it has come down to them having to compromise so people don’t get the wrong idea. Lets hope this drama doesn’t effect the outcome to a great movie.

    • DiDi0001

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I have grown very tired of hearing about the Doran’s which I feel takes away from the anticipation of the movie. I really don’t care what goes on with JD and AW, that is their personal business not mine, I don’t want to know. They always seem to be out there for being private people and all those pap pics from the same pap photographer, seriously!! I have watched several of Dakotas recent movies and she is very talented, funny and gorgeous! She definitely knows what the expectations are but then again she was raised in a family of well known actors. I personally don’t see her and JD being a good match. She comes across as a strong confident woman. She deserves a man who is as equally strong and confident, “Don’t walk in front of me or behind me but next to me, be my partner be my LOVE!

  • guest

    I see jamie as a very talented actor. He has a lot of potential. Needs the right director to tap into it. His Paul Spector is amazing. hope he gets the exposure after these Fifty shades are done. I believe Jamie and Dakota are in love. they are just biding their time to come out as a couple. they seem like a great match.