As far as typhoon romances go,the Fifty Shades Darker Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson romance has to be the biggest one of the year, maybe even the decade. The leading pair of the erotic romance film has been in the news for their off-screen romantic status. Recently Jamie Dornan spoke his heart out and revealed that he ‘hates being single’. Is he hinting at his relationship with co-actor Dakota? Does that mean that the Fifty Shades Darker Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson romance stories are real?

Of course, the talk surrounding the duo being romantically involved started years ago, pretty much since the Fifty Shades films came into existence. That was five years ago and the media has created a timeline of their alleged romance from then until now.

Fifty Shades Darker is expected to hit theaters on February 10, 2017.

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We can’t put the complete blame on the media here. It is mainly due to the erotic nature of the movie that has triggered all the speculations. Their on-screen chemistry has made everyone believe (including the fans) that they are much more than ‘Just Friends.” Making things worse, various sources dragged Jamie Dornan’s marriage into the scene. Reports started to emerge that Jamie and his wife Amelia Warner have an estranged relationship.

Dornan and Warner’salleged marital problems continued to make headlines and many media outlets reported that divorce is on the horizon for the two. Dakota Johnson is frequently being alluded to as the reason behind their unconfirmed troubles.

One the other hand, the pair has been trying hard to prove the strength of their marriage. Time and again, they have addressed the issue by making things evident that they are going strong. This time, Jamie’s latest interview with Marie Claire UK must shut down the rumors. He clarified that he is ‘absolutely delighted’ to be with wife Amelia’. Not only is he very much in love with his wife but also he doesn’t intend to be without her.

In his words: “The idea of being single makes me instantly sweat.”

He also explained why is he not on social media. He stated: “People like to go after your family and s*** as well. It’s one of the main reasons I left social media.”

These days, Jamie seems to be very protective of his family and he is trying to keep them away from the spotlight as much as possible.

We would like to remind our readers both Jamie Dorman and Dakota Johnson  have already slammed all the rumors linked to the Fifty Shades Darker Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson romance.