Fifty Shades Darker is just months away from its premiere. But the fans might expect more than just the titillating scenes. Lead stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson might pick the date to announce that they are dating, according to reports.

Dornan and Johnson have been under the media radar since working together on E.L. James’ erotic trilogy. Their roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele caught the attention of the public because of its intimacy.

However, rumors suggest that they are more than just co-workers. It has been a consistent gossip that they have a secret affair.

According to reports from HNGN, they will make their relationship official when the premiere night arrives. But unfortunately, it might also be the time wherein Dornan would announce his divorce with wife Amelia Warner.

Dornan and Warner have two kids, and the wife just gave birth recently. However, it appears that the readers could only treat this latest buzz with a grain of salt.

The actor revealed in his interview with Marie Claire that he’s comfortable working with Johnson. But then, he reiterated that he loves his wife and his kids so much- he even wanted to be a hands-on daddy.

“I want to be a very hands-on father and I have been so far with both of my children. At times, I’ve been very frustrated that I’ve had to work so soon after my wife going through that [childbirth] because you want to be there as much as you can,” as quoted.

It looks like the fans of Dornan and Johnson can only expect their relationship to be strictly on screen. But more than that, viewers are wanting to see more of the former Calvin Klein model.

A previous report revealed that the team behind Fifty Shades Darker are offering him $1.5 million to bare it all. Dornan just teased the fans by saying “wait and see.”