Fifty Shades Darker lead stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have been under media scrutiny regarding a “secret affair.” Now it appears that he found a rival in Cara Delevingne. Catch the hottest details here.

Rumors are beginning to spread on the Internet that Delevingne eyes Johnson. The young model recently broke up with partner St. Vincent, according to rumors.

Previously, Mail Online reported that Johnson and Delevingne were together while Facetiming Taylor Swift. Dakota celebrated her birthday with her recently.

Then, the rumors about them being a thing began. According to Hollywood Life, the two have been hanging out a lot of late and seem inseparable.

“They seem to be getting along really well and Cara always seems really happy when they are together. It could be just a close friendship, but maybe it could develop into something more,” a source exclaimed.

On the other hand, there are also reports that Johnson and Dornan have been keeping it discreet. The on-screen pair has been working together since the first film Fifty Shades of Grey.

The erotic flick requires a lot of physical scenes, and some of them are intimate. This could be the reason viewers are thinking that there is something more than their work relationship.

However, Dornan has been open about his relationship with wife Amelia Warner. He continues to confess his love for her despite the malicious allegations.

More than that, he also admitted that he wants to be a hands-on father to their two little children. He told Marie Claire magazine about his feelings toward fatherhood.

“I want to be a very hands-on father and I have been so far with both of my children,” he says. “At times, I’ve been very frustrated that I’ve had to work so soon after my wife going through that [childbirth] because you want to be there as much as you can.”

Fifty Shades Darker will be out on Feb. 10, 2017.