Their dreams started at “The X Factor.” Now, Fifth Harmony has been a huge success across the United States. There might be a big possibility that the all-girl group could be taking over the world and become the next Spice Girls.

Camila, Lauren, Ally, Dinah-Jane and Normani formed the group in 2012 after joining the reality series. As their stars continue to rise, some think they could be following the footsteps of the biggest girl group in the 90s.

Here’s 6 reasons why Fifth Harmony will takeover the world and be the next Spice Girls:

1. They have received various awards. Aside from receiving the MTV VMA “Artist to Watch” award, they also bagged some of the biggest awards at the recent Teen Choice Awards 2015.

2. They’re popular on social media. Apparently, the group has been making huge leaps at the Social 50 charts as well, Billboard noted. Fifth Harmony jumped from top 10 to top 4 for the first time on the Sept. 5 chart, citing 61% boost in social chart points.

3. They have Beauty and Confidence. Not just singing prowess, Fifth Harmony members have the charm and the looks that make them the latest endorsers for the “Clean and Clear,” Yahoo! News noted.

“Growing up, I used to want to be the girl in the magazine, with a perfect face or body, and I’ve come to realize true beauty is what’s within,” Dinah-Jane Hansen revealed on Teen Vogue . “It’s the girl that’s happy with her own reflection.”

4. They have their own Individual Styles and Personalities. The girl group stunned the crowd showing their different styles at the MTV VMAs red carpet as well.

5. They’re committed to their fans. Fifth Harmony members always connect with their fans on social meida, and they also have been touring across the United States to reach out to their fans.

6. They serve as an inspiration. Recently, the dance crew “Suga N Spice” performed in Las Vegas that featured 5H’s single “Me and My Girls.” The young dance group, with members from 11 to 17 years old, is now becoming the next internet sensation, according to Latina. The talented girls seem to look up to Fifth Harmony by grooving to some of their songs as well.