Normani Kordei of Fifth Harmony has been facing  a hard time due to some nasty racist comments on  social media. Such negative feedback has not only made her upset but also brought her morale down. Is Kordei going to take a break from the band to heal the trauma? If so, then it might not be good news for the fans of Fifth Harmony because her break may lead to the band’s hiatus period as well.

On Saturday evening, Normani Kordei tweeted an emotional statement to express the pain that she has gone through in the last four years while fighting the demeaning racist comments.  The Fifth Harmony songster revealed she is taking a step back from Twitter as a result of cyber harassment.

“Over the past four years of being in the public eye I’ve learned to grow a thick skin to critics and those who may not like me,” she wrote. “I’ve never been one to deny anyone of their opinions, but over the course of this last week and especially over the last 48 hours I’ve not just been cyberbullied, I’ve been racially cyberbullied with tweets and pictures so horrific and racially charged that I can’t subject myself any longer to the hate.”

A few days back, Kordei found herself at the center of a row when she was accused of shading another Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello by intentionally taking too long to say anything nice about Cabello in a recent interview, reports E Online.

After being attacked by hurtful tweets, The 20-year-old slammed the “unjust hate and slander” she’d received and insisted the issue had been “completely blown out of proportion”.

Kordei wrote: “I would like to address an issue that has been completely blown out of proportion.”

Negative feedback may lead to instability if not addressed carefully. It can force a person to develop an escapist mentality. How would Normani Kordei react to this negativity? For the time being, she has decided to stay away from her Twitter page. However, it won’t be surpriseing to see her taking a break from Fifth Harmony as well.

How justified is it to target someone with such abusive comments especially in an era of women empowerment?  The concept of ‘One World’ fails miserably when we start to divide people on the basis of their skin color. Don’t you think so?

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