Fifth Harmony has taken the attention of media once again after a photo that shows member Ally Brooke has two right feet. Yes, it looks like the photo for Billboard is not quite right.

Netizens were quick to notice the photoshop fail that has been applied on Brooke’s feet, reports Express. Brooke, along with other members, Camila Cabello, Normano Kordei, Dinah Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui were all poised on their sexy leotard outfits.

But then, the editor must have noticed that Brooke’s left foot was replaced entirely with a right foot instead, making her pose a bit of odd. The singer joked about it on Twitter with caption, “When you’re tryna look cute tho you got two right feet.”

On the other hand, the website noted that Billboard denied that they have committed the mistake. “The photo circulating on the internet is a manipulated outtake from a Billboard photo shoot, it was never published by Billboard,” as quoted. So far, the Fifth Harmony’s latest photo allegedly holds the title “worst Photoshop fail of all time.”

And while their sultry shoot became a “disaster,” their cover photo on Fashion Magazine looks fab. The all-girl quintet sport a white, sophisticated outfit that matches their simple but stunning makeup.

Along with the shoot, the girls also revealed their “work tip,” and it seems that Jauregui had the most memorable line among the girls as she said that she hate the word “slut”. “Stop the name-calling and stop telling people what to wear or how to act. I wish I could just ban using ‘slut’ anywhere. I hate that f*cking word.”

Meanwhile, Kordei said that Fifth Harmony empowers women. “Fifth Harmony are all feminists. It’s our duty to reach out to people and let them know a woman can be just as powerful as a man can be.”

The group’s upcoming sophomore album, “7/27” will be out on May 27.