Amidst controversy which broke last year and money embezzlement charges against the FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, the independent ethics committee of world soccer’s governing body has suspended him for 90 Days, while Swiss authorities investigate him for corruption.

With a serious blow to the credibility of FIFA, Blatter is “accused of signing a contract unfavourable to football’s governing body and making a disloyal payment to Uefa president Michel Platini”, reported BBC.

While some media outlets have already confirmed the sanction coming from the ethics committee, Blatter’s Lawyer has rejected any such reports pertaining to his suspension as the FIFA President still took his office at the FIFA’s Zurich Headquarters as of Wednesday, noted the New York Times.

Blatter’s Lawyer, Richard Cullen, has released a statement denying any suspension. “Mr. Blatter has not been notified of any action by the ethics committee,” Cullen said, “and we would expect that he would have the opportunity to be heard before any decision could be made.”

There is no official statement regarding the suspension and the allegations are yet to be proven.

The adjudicatory chamber member, Abdoulaye Makhtar Diop of Senegal, said in a statement that FIFA President Blatter and Michel Platini, the head of European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, are being considered by the ethics committee, but the governing body is waiting for any evidence from the Swiss authorities to confirm the embezzlement after which the committee will come to any decision regarding the two heads.

Both Platini and Blatter are alleged to be involved in improper financial transactions involving FIFA, although they have denied any wrongdoing on their part.

The ethics committee can only make potential recommendations for sanctions but it is the in the hands of the adjudicatory chamber — led by the German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert — to confirm any such suspensions. Reports have claimed that the ruling might be as early as this Thursday.

Provisional suspensions only last for 90 days at the most. However, if Blatter is convicted of his charges, Issa Hayatou, the head of African soccer’s governing body and the most senior of FIFA’s vice presidents, will become the interim President of FIFA.