The TV show, Feed the Beast, will premiere on Sunday, but it will revert back to its regular schedule of Tuesday at 10 p.m. However, those who may miss the episode can still watch online.

The premiere episode is titled Pilot Light and the synopsis reads, “Faced with a serious debt to the mob, Dion tries to convince his best friend Tommy to rekindle their dream of opening a restaurant in the Bronx.”

According to Exstreamist, people can watch Feed the Beast TV show premiere using the AMC app, like the Netflix service or the HBO Go mobile app. Although it’s free, fans may be turned off by the ads.

For those who don’t like the ads, they can subscribe to Sling TV for just $20 a month and get access to the Feed the Beast TV show premiere, or other series online. Also, they can download the episode through iTunes and Amazon Prime for a small fee.

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Be warned, however, the reviews for the show are mixed so it could be one of those series that are going to be an acquired taste. AVClub described it as closer to junk food even if it aimed to be a fine dining experience.

When the Feed the Beast TV show premieres on Sunday, viewers will be introduced to Tommy Moran who seemed to have brought a big basket when God distributed bad luck around.

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Viewers will then follow him as he tries to turn his life around, make a restaurant a success and also build a relationship with his son and father. For those who don’t know, Tommy’s son has refused to speak ever since his mother die, according to a report¬†from The New York Times.

The site called the casting of David Schwimmer as Tommy as a case of overkill because of his perennially underdog looks.

Watch Feed the Beast TV show premiere on AMC on Sunday, and also in online sites such as those mentioned above.