Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Chief of Staff Peta Credlin has confirmed joining Sky News as a political commentator prior to the expected double dissolution election scheduled on July 2.

The Australian confirmed Credlin’s decision of joining the news network with an intent to turn “the tables on her political foes and media tormentors.” She told the newspaper that her role will be help Australians be aware of the choices they will have during the elections. She will be responsible for making people understand things even better. However, it is yet to be observed whether her opinions remain unbiased when she already has a rumoured past.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Credlin was offered several jobs in the media industry after her departure from the prime minister’s office after the leadership spill in September. However, she chose Sky News as she holds due respect for the whole team of journalists in the network, including David Speers, Laura Jayes, and Kieren Gilbert.

“In the interim, Sky’s offer to contribute to their election campaign team gives me a chance to use my political experience to unpack the policies on offer, take a good look at the ultimate shape of the budget and be part of the ­discussion about how our country might end up if it stays with the Coalition, or makes the change to Labor,” she said as quoted by

Credlin also used the opportunity during the interview with the Australian daily to comment on The Australian columnist Nikki Savva’s book, “The Road to Ruin.” In the book, the columnist has mentioned how Senator Connie Fierraventi-Wells went up to Abbott and Credlin in January 2015 to discuss the rumours of their alleged affair for comfort. According to the book, Fierraventi-Wells told Abbott that it was “the brutal truth” as the “colleagues really think” and hence the prime minister should deal with the “perception” that he has been sleeping with Credlin.

However, Credlin already responded to the affair rumours and rejected such claims, saying they were “completely false” and “untrue.”

“I have only given one interview in 16 years and that related to our time trying to start a family. The rest of the commentary about me is what’s others have had to say — some accurate, some tough but fair but much of it a long way from the truth especially where the journalist hasn’t even bothered to call to check their ‘facts’,” she said.