Monday, September 26, 2016

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2B: Nick Becomes a Walker?

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2B: Nick Becomes a Walker?


The first half of “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 2 just ended. But fans are already speculating about the season’s second half. No one has ever been safe on the show, but will Nick experience a drastic change when the show comes back in August? Will he really turn into a walker in the show’s next episode?

According to, Nick Clark will not turn into a zombie anytime soon. However, fans might still have a reason to worry about him for the rest of the season.

The season’s first half wrapped up with the group more “fragmented” than ever. The plantation has been overrun with walkers. Strand, along with Nick’s mother and sister, decided to leave their safe space. But Nick stayed behind. If is proven correct, he might even have to go through the rest of the season alone. Or rather, he would have to be content with having no one but the undead as company.

Will he be able to blend in with the walkers? Will he make it through the rest of the season? Will he ever rejoin the rest of the survivors again? Fans will have to wait for the AMC hit to return to find out.

Meanwhile, executive producer Dave Erickson recently addressed some of the criticisms the show has received since it first began its run. It is notable that “Fear The Walking Dead” is a spin-off of “The Walking Dead.” Some critics just could not help comparing the two dramas.

“That has been one of the challenges of the show,” Erickson told TVLine. “The Walking Dead has a huge fan base to whom we are incredibly grateful. We obviously want to deliver a story that everybody loves. But at the same time, we wanted to make sure that our characters didn’t embrace the tropes [of the genre] as readily as characters in say, a zombie movie.”

Will the series ever move past “The Walking Dead’s” shadow? That remains to be seen. One thing’s for certain, though. The timelines of the two shows are about to converge soon.

“Fear The Walking Dead” Season 2 will return August 21st on AMC.

  • Mikey

    It’s doubtful that Fear will ever surpass or walk out of the shadow of the original…

    The Original had the singular advantage that the characters were already beloved by the fanbase before they even made an appearance on the show. Fans would wait with baited breath to see when and where their next COMIC FAVE would show up to the show… (Remember the excitement when Michonne showed up at the end of season two? Would that have been as great a show moment if no one had known who Michonne was already? We didn’t even see a face but k new who that was).

    Fear doesn’t have that anticipatory excitement working for it…and it is doubtful it ever will unless circumstances change to make a crossover credible.

    As for those who feel Fear’s plot has been weak, they must remember that the original’s first two seasons were also considered very weak by most. While some thought that was due to the writing it was really due to the fact that first season was really nothing more than a 6 episode mini-series making season 1 and 2 combined really just a full first season. Most shows first season is weak as it has to do all this character building and exposition at the expense of great drama and action. It wasn’t until season 3 that the original really started taking off.

    Fear has the same issue. If you put Season 1 and 2 together you have a solid first season of story. Now that they are scattered things can really start to get interesting, Who stays good, who becomes bad, where will the next threat come from?

    As for Nick he seems to be foreshadowing the Whisperers from the comic. interesting idea I suppose but it’s pretty clear how that ends isn’t it?
    At some point his herd will run into some living who see the herd as a threat and while they try to dispatch them, Nick finds himself in deep trouble playing possum.