According to TIME, a father and son in upstate New York allegedly ripped off $41,000 worth of chicken wings in the time frame from February to November, according to the Onondaga County Sheriff.

“The duo allegedly developed a system where they would order chicken wings from the restaurant’s supplier, pick up the orders and re-sell the chicken on the street or to other local businesses for a reduced price, according to police,” CNY Central reported.

Multiple media outlets identify the suspects in the purloined poultry case as Paul Rojek, 56, and Joshua Rojek, 33.

“Deputies say the men billed the thousands of dollars of wing orders to the restaurant’s account…,” the Daily Mail reported. The eatery in question is Twin Trees Too Restaurant in Syracuse. “The owner of Twin Trees recently discovered the alleged theft when he was looking through his finances and contacted the authorities.”

The owners evidently got suspicious when 80 percent of the chicken wings they were buying for the restaurant from wholesalers apparently never made it to the kitchen.

They subsequently hired a private detective to investigate further and gather evidence, which was then brought to the attention of local cops. The restaurant has since implemented measures to prevent employee theft.

Accoring to 10 News, the Rojeks face charges of third-degree larceny and first-degree falsifying business records in the case of the “hot wings.” Bail was set yesterday at $2,500.

“It’s actually kind of funny that there’s a black market for chicken wings. But the demand is that high,” a prosecutor told Syracuse.

“To ballpark an idea of what the restaurant was missing out on in terms of potential sales, an order of mild, medium, hot, barbecue, or boneless wings will run you $9.99 at Twin Trees Two,” Munchies wrote.

“I’m more bothered by the fact he would do this to my family, my family business, my father which makes it all the worse because it bothered him a lot, especially since he put so much trust in this guy and took him back in and helped him out,” manager Dan Ross told TWC News.