‘Fast and Furious 8’ Movie Plot: Vin Diesel Reveals Filming in New York

Facebook/Fast and Furious

Vin Diesel appeared on ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” to promote his upcoming movie “The Last Witch Hunter”, but while there, he spilled some details about the next movie in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, saying that the film will be set in New York, noted by Economic Times.

As per Latinos Post, the “Fast and Furious” franchise has its fair share of changes, with a rotating cast of characters and different locations seemingly in every movie. The popular action series is set to see even more change in its next installment.

However, currently, there is little to no information about the plot for “Fast and Furious 8”, and this could be caused by the lack of a script attached to the film. Moreover, several of the characters who are currently still alive in the series have not yet signed for another film, which according to Diesel, will be the first of a trilogy to end the franchise.

Diesel, who has acted in all seven movies of the car racing franchise, thanked the fans on Facebook and said the sequel is surely happening.

“The fans of the ‘Fast & Furious’ saga are the best fans in the world. Since I became the producer in 2008, you have been with me every step of the way, literally giving me feedback that proved invaluable. Thank you,” he posted on his Facebook account.

Diesel also stated that he wants to bring “Furious 8” back to the franchise’s street racing roots; the way it all started with the first “Furious” movie.

A previous report also noted that the upcoming film will be a tribute to the Paul Walker, with the story mainly being a brainchild of the late actor.

“Furious 8” is scheduled to hit the theatres on 14, April, 2017.

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