‘Fast and Furious 8’ Movie: Angelina Jolie is New Villain?

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The action adventure film “Fast and Furious 8” kicks off in theaters on 2017. But news and bits about its cast and plot have been rolling on the web as early as today. This time, it has been rumored that Angelina Jolie might join the movie as the new villain.

“Fast and Furious” actress Michelle Rodriguez reportedly revealed in her interview with Entertainment Tonight that she would want the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” star to join the film, notes Christian Post.

However, speculations about Jolie joining the motion picture is still unconfirmed. We may still have to wait for further details about this exciting news.

Meanwhile, other Femme Fatale stars are said to be joining the 8th “Fast and Furious” installment. “Orange is the New Black” lead Ruby Rose could be part of the cast since it has been reported that she’s already in negotiations.

Additionally, Eva Mendes might return for the film to reprise her role as U.S. Customs Agent Monica Fuentes.

As for the movie plot, Rodriguez once again provided hints in another interview.

“We need a good reason to move on after Paul,” quotes E! News.

“And being that this is a global franchise now, it’s not just the American baby – it’s important that we consider moving on and take it seriously.”

It might be sad to continue the franchise without their co- star, Paul Walker. But the 37-year old actress believed that making the 8th film is the best way to remember the late actor.

The actress also told E! that filming will begin in New York City next summer, as they were about the “round up the troops.”

On the other hand, Vin Diesel also revealed that the much-awaited film might be dubbed as “Fast 8,” or “F8” or simply “Fate,” as Paul Walker suggested.

“Fast and Furious 8” premieres on April 14, 2017.

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