Fast and Furious 8: Michelle Rodriguez Eats Rat in Urine with Bear Grylls [Video]


“Fast and Furious 7” actress Michelle Rodriguez might gross out the viewers on the latest episode of “Running Wild.” The Latina star stewed a mouse in her own urine and shared the meal with show host, Bear Grylls.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, the actress joined Grylls in one of his adventures in the desert.

When it was time to eat, the two were out of water to marinate a mouse they would be sharing. The British hiker convinced Michelle to use her urine instead.

“For dinner we’ve got the mouse. The thing is there’s not very much of it so I want to stew it, problem is, we’re out of water,” Bear said.

Rodriguez then went to fetch her own pee to serve as the broth. “Sorry dude, I’m dehydrated,” she explained after Bear teased about the smell of her urine.

They shared the stewed mouse afterwards.

“They also drank ‘the broth’, which caused more gag reflexes than a loved up couple kissing at an Alice Cooper concert,” the site described.

Grylls later revealed that “there’s just something about drinking somebody else’s, I’ve finally found the thing that has broken me. Mouse in somebody else’s urine, stewed. Bad.”

As for the actress, Michelle felt kind of happy that it was her own piss, Toronto Sun noted.

“This is the part I dreaded, I’m kinda happy it’s my piss and not yours,” she revealed. She later took to Twitter to share her experience on the survival TV show.

Catch “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” every Monday 10/9c on NBC.

As for “Fast and Furious 8”, it was reported that Vin Diesel posted a photo with Kurt Rusell on his Instagram and captioned it with “Toretto Tuesday”.

The photo suggested that the production started filming and Russell will be reprising his role in the movie, News Everyday reports.

Toretto Tuesday…

A photo posted by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on Aug 4, 2015 at 2:24pm PDT

“Fast and Furious 8” will hit theaters on April 15, 2017.

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