“Fallout 4” could be the best game of this year and its new action trailer suggests that the game is a “thing of absolute beauty.” Bethesda has really mesmerized fans with this new epic trailer.

Set in a sparse and barren land, as noted by MNR Daily, “a nuclear war has left you, the sole survivor of the refuge fault 111.”

“The Wanderer” as the developer coins it, the video takes us through the horrors of post nuclear war and the footages can’t be more real. The true horror and the isolation captured in the first scenes of the trailer is definitely not for the soft hearted.

As quoted by Moviepilot, “It’s a journey of survival  and companionship  – we see a man and his dog wandering through scorched remains of where he used to live. A world unrecognizable in both landscape and community.”

This concept of humanity being lost in the game is truly explored in the visuals and the onus is upon the players on how to rebuild the world. “Fallout 4: will be bigger than ever and is stated to outcast any game which releases this year. With about 400 hours of gaming and limitless combination of customization and hideout construction, gaming fans will be happy to grab them.

“Fallout 4” is set for release on Nov. 10 on Xbox, Playstation 4 and PC.

While fans wait for the release of the game, they can install mods to “Fallout 3” and make it look like “Fallout 4.”

According to Whatculture, players can introduce these mods:

Tailor Made – a mod that enables the player to patch together any kind of clothing and armor;

“Fallout 3” Re-animated – an animation pack that fixes the jittery “Fallout 3” animation with 80 custom animations;

Ultimate Perk Pack – a mod which gives a lot of other Perks to go along with the vanilla (regular) in-game ones.

Fans are more than eager to grab the game as soon as it releases.