Only within two weeks of its release, players of “Fallout 4” have been uncovering surprises and secrets from the game.

Now, GameSpot reports that a modder has discovered another one of these secrets.

According to the website, modder xxdeathknight72xx discovered that an underwater harpoon-style gun exists. GameSpot also gathers that since the animation looks a little dodgy, the weapon’s existence may not have been meant to be discovered yet.

Meanwhile, an analysis from PC Gamer suggests that Bethesda–publisher behind “Fallout 4”–may have plans for an underwater combat to be featured in the Commonwealth.

The website gathers this from its observation of the video by Youtuber Tyrannicon. According to PC Gamer, “the gun works fine out of water, though if you look closely you’ll see bubble trails.”

Polygon reports that if a gamer discovers the Harpoon Gun, it will replace the Railway Gun if the gamer already has that in his or her arsenal.

The website also recalls that “Fallout: New Vegas” had an underwater mission but combat was not featured in it.

Still, although other websites interpret the discovery as a sign that Bethesda may include an underwater combat for “Fallout 4”, Polygon does not dismiss the fact that it could have only been a plan that has since been scrapped from the game.

On the other hand, Cinema Blend proceeds to report that it is not possible to collect ammunition from the Harpoon Gun; hence, a player must create some. The website shares that one can do this by opening the console and typing “player.additem 000fe269 50.”

Cinema Blend also suggests that it may be part of Bethesda’s plan to place quests wherein players can uncover valuable technology from the Massachusetts Bay. In turn, the Harpoon Gun will be helpful should there be underwater creatures that will attack while in the area.

To learn how modder xxdeathknight72xx was able to uncover the Harpoon Gun, you can visit Nexus Mods where he placed instructions for it.