Gamers are encouraged to be creative when playing “Fallout 4” as the game will now support mods for PC this April.

Other consoles will also have the mod support months after. In a report by Engadget, the game’s Executive Director Todd Howard confirms the existence of the PC mod support as well as other updates.

Mods allow players to customize how they play the action role-playing game. With about a hundred of mods available already, Bethesda decided it wise to create an official mod support so that players can share their Fallout mods via Steam.

The mod will be launched between the first two DLC’s with the Automatron pack, costing about $10, getting released this March and Wasteland Workshop, $5, scheduled in April. “All of that stuff will go up on PC. People are beta testing it,” said Howard. “There’ll be a lag on consoles. We want to get it up on PC and have it work. It’ll probably be a good month before it hits Xbox One, and another month for PlayStation 4.”

As to why the mod is launched in PC earlier than other consoles, Bethesda took the cue from what they observed when the post-apocalyptic game was launched. On its first day, the RPG sold more copies in the digital market than in retail and this is the first time that such distribution behaviour occurred. This might also hint on how the game publisher will release future contents of Fallout 4.

According to Geek, many interesting mods created by fans have already been in the rounds lately. Swords are changed into Light Sabers, the signature laser weapons of the Jedi from Star Wars. Monsters are slapped with skins, Randy Savage to mention one, which makes them look either hilarious or more intimidating. Even locations from other games are recreated into the post-apocalyptic world with surprisingly accurate results.