Blackberry devices will no longer have the WhatsApp and Facebook support in the future. However, the company did mention that the BlackBerry devices have been important to them, but it didn’t have the capacity to expand app features in the future.

The company has also announced the removing the support for Symbian systems S40 and S60 and obsolete versions of Android.

WhatsApp has completed seven years and now the company intends to focus on mobile platforms used by a majority of people. Through their blog, the company revealed that stopping the support for BlackBerry device was a tough decision but it was right in order to serve people in a better way to bond with friends and loved ones. Along with WhatsApp, Facebook will also stop the support for BlackBerry OS later this year.

However, BlackBerry Priv would continue to have the WhatsApp and Facebook’s service, the device runs on Android v5.1. In the wake of the decision, BlackBerry have announced its disappointment since a majority of users loved those apps. The Canadian company had tried to negotiate with Facebook and WhatsApp but all in vain. The company stands by its decision and couldn’t be persuaded to change their stance, notes New Every day.

Facebook claims that their applications now run on 99.5% of devices ranging from Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Although, BlackBerry owners can use Facebook on the web version to post their content without a dedicated client. Strangely, Android apps run on BlackBerry devices through Amazon’s undergrouond app store.

For those who rely on social media cannot move to BlackBerry device from another platform due to the Facebook and WhatsApp’s decision. By the end of this year, WhatsApp messenger will not support devices such as Blackberries, Nokia S40 and S60, Android 2.1 and 2.2, Windows mobile 7.1.