Facebook launched a new feature on Thursday that allows users to upload 360-degree photos from their iPhone or iPad to News Feed. Last month, the social networking site announced the arrival of the new feature, which users can now identify with a compass icon on their computers and with touch/motion gestures on their mobile devices.

Photos taken from 360-degree cameras and panoramic photos taken on your smartphone are automatically converted when selected for upload to News Feed, according to the company. How can you identify the photos? You will find a compass icon appearing on the right-hand corner side of the image, clicking on which will help you view the complete picture.

This announcement comes with Oculus Rift and Gear VR compatible devices just like the 360-degree video feature that was announced last September. The Verge, however, reports that you need to have a recent Galaxy smartphone to enjoy 360-degree images and videos on your VR headset.

In an official press release, Facebook Product Manager Andy Huang wrote, “Along with 360 photos from your friends and family, you can discover stunning new 360 photos on Facebook from public figures, publishers and other organizations.”

The experience is fulfilling as 360 photos offer full view of an organization or venue in details. For instance, you can take the stage in front of your favorite star Beyonce with 1,00,000 fans to watch her perform. You can even visit the International Space Station with NASA or get access to the White House to know them better.

Aside from Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy phones also support 360-degree image uploads, although they are based on the popular Android platform. For a while, Facebook has been experimenting with immersive technologies to bring new experiences to people.

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