Facebook has been storing some surprises for users of its messaging platform, be it the web version or the mobile app. From fun and competitive basketball games that let you throw hoops to mind-melting chess battles that will make you put your game face on, the social network giant has been coming up with new and unique ways to entice its users as of late. Now, it seems like Facebook is furthering its plans as it is reportedly working on integrating more features into its Messenger apps, an example of which is an in-store purchase service.

According to reports, Facebook is planning to use its Messenger app for its mobile payments platform, thus going into direct competition with the Cupertino firm’s Apple Pay and the search engine giant’s Android Pay to let its users pay for purchases in physical retail stores. It will also build upon the money-sending feature the social network giant has been offering to let its users send money to their friends. The news comes from a view of the comments in the Facebook Messenger app’s code for the iOS platform.

Aside from the planned mobile payments platform, the social network giant is also planning to launch a new featured called “secret conversations.” It’s still unclear as to what the new feature will bring to the table, but speculations suggest that it could be the company’s attempt at encrypted chat conversations much like what WhatsApp is already offering.

On top of that, Facebook is also said to be planning to launch a new calendar-syncing feature that is built into its Messenger app, and an even quicker and easier way of sharing quotes from articles as well as sending status updates to a specific set of people on your friends list.

The social network giant has been successful in its attempts to include new and interactive to its messenger app, and the company planning more features ahead is expected, to say the least.