Feature after feature makes their way to Facebook, oftentimes making the platform better. This time, another feature adds to the long list of improvements, namely the Facebook instant games list.

According to a report from Engadget, Facebook launched a cross-platform gaming experience for its users. The report details the following:

“Facebook is calling it “cross-platform” because you can play those games not just within the chat app, but also right in your News Feed. They even work on both mobile and the web without having to install additional apps.”

The feature marks yet another convenience for Facebook users. Just like the chat feature instantly available even if a user navigates through the platform, the games are also easily accessible.

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Facebook instant games list

Engadget offers a list of the 17 games available. We relay them below:

Space Invaders
Track & Field 100M
Words with Friends: Frenzy
Shuffle Cats Mini
Endless Lake
Templar 2048
The Tribez: Puzzle Rush
2020 Connect
Puzzle Bobble
Brick Pop
Wordalot Express

Is playing Instant Games worth it?

If you’re not much sold on the idea of playing these instant games, Tech Crunch offers a detailed review on it.

Among the highlights of the review details that playing the games were “addicting”. Consequently, the source also shares that loading time of the games were impressive. According to the article, games loaded within three to ten seconds despite having “high quality graphics and gameplay.”

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Still, despite its good review, Tech Crunch pointed out the fault with the instant games. The site had this to say:

“The most frustrating part is the spotty controls that can quickly get you killed in games like Pac-Man and Arkanoid.”

Were you able to try any of the titles in the Facebook instant games list? Share your experience with us in the comments.