Facebook gets Desperate In Light Of User Burnout

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facebook on samsung smart phoneAccording to some estimates, over 35% of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)  users eventually get sick and tired of Facebook. They get up and leave the social networking platform. This may seem like bad news, but in reality, a lot of them come back. At one time or another, people will take a break from their Facebook accounts. The open question is how long these breaks would be. Some take a break for only a few weeks, while others can leave the social network permanently. Of course, the latter scenario should concern Facebook’s leadership. If a demographic trend develops where people start dumping their Facebook accounts as part of a social trend, this may lead to serious downward pressure on Facebook’s revenues, and by extension, its stock price.

After all, if you take away all the bells and whistles, Facebook is really just an advertising platform. It uses your own personal content to show you ads. That’s all it is. Regardless of all the technology and all the hype, it is an advertising platform. Facebook knows this, and analysts know it. This is why it’s quite interesting that Facebook recently announced an automatic reactivation feature for people deleting their Facebook accounts. The thought may have crossed you mind that you are sick and tired of Facebook and you’re going to leave your account behind. Well, Facebook has unveiled an option where you can select to reactivate your account. In other words, it’s institutionalizing a process with which users who get burned out can get back in the game.

On the one hand, this reeks of desperation. Facebook needs to keep as many people coming back to Facebook as possible. While it can stand to lose third world or emerging market visitors, it really cannot survive for long if their user base in developed and highly lucrative markets, like the United States, Canada, and certain parts of Europe leave permanently. On the other hand, this seems like a typical housekeeping maneuver that shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. Regardless, it would be very interesting to see what impact, if any, this feature would have on people overcoming Facebook burnout.

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