New Facebook Android updates include ‘Going Live’ for Facebook groups and events and ‘Live Reactions.’ The social media giant is also rolling out a dedicated space on its mobile app for live videos. On top of all these is the release of Facebook Live Maps for desktops.

Facebook is aggressively taking on the ‘Live Video’ space, with a bunch of new updates to their Android and iOS apps. Here are five things you need to know about the updates:

Going Live has a new update that allows users to broadcast to members of a group or event. This means users can now broadcast live only to the group they want to, states the official release. If you want to share a workout plan to your fitness group, you can do that now.

Going Live for events allows users to broadcast to all those who have RSVP-ed for a particular event. For example, users can go live during a birthday party and broadcast all the party fun for those who couldn’t make it. Users can also schedule live Q&A sessions on Facebook now.

Live Reactions will help users comment on videos in real time. It will use the same reactions currently available in the News Feed during a live stream, informs Android Authority. This will help broadcasters to gauge if responses to their video are generating as quickly as possible. If a user is watching the video at a later time, Live will be able to replay comments as they happened during its live broadcast.

Users can invite friends to watch live videos too, states Fidji Simo, the company’s product management director. They can do so because the app now has that option. Users can tap on the invite icon to select friends and send the invite. The Verge explains that the social media behemoth has also begun the roll out of a dedicated tab to find live and archived videos. The tab will be centrally placed. However, this tab will be rolled out only to a percentage of users.

Lastly, there is Facebook Live Map for desktops. It is a visual representation of all that is happening in the world right now and is currently limited only to desktops. However, it would be interesting to note if and how it will be adapted to the mobile app.

“We’ve been humbled by all the amazing and creative ways that people have used Facebook Live so far, and we’re committed to creating the best experience for everyone who wants to create, watch and interact with live videos on Facebook,” stated Simo. “These features will be rolling out on iOS and Android over the coming weeks. We’ll keep working to bring you the best ways to broadcast, interact with, and discover live video. Stay tuned,” he signed off.