The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 kicked off the musical festivities on Sunday as Ukraine took home the win beating early favourites Australia and Russia.

Jamala, who represented Ukraine, sang a very personal song that depicted “Stalin’s forced deportation of Crimean Tatars.” The political song is close to the singer as her family was also affected by the said deportation in the 1940s, Telegraph reported.

While Russia initially complained about Ukraine’s political song, she was eventually allowed to perform it anyway. The song contest “generally bans overtly political songs.”

According to the news site, Jamala’s win in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 only demonstrates that “emotional and high-quality music” can succeed. It further stated that the competition will always have a political undertone despite the organisers’ claim that it is all about the music.

As Jamala emerged the victor, she aced out competition favourites Dani Im of Australia and Sergey Lazarev of Russia. They finished first runner-up and second-runner, respectively.

For the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, the organisers invited Australia once again. The land down under was initially invited to do a one-time gig for the competition’s 60th anniversary last year. Nonetheless, they came back for another try given the show’s popularity there, according to Metro.

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Dami Im, winner of X Factor Australia 2013, sang a redition of The Sound of Silence. She was clad in a shimmering sparkling gown by Steven Khalil. To amp the glamour, she wore a matching sparkling stilettos and hand jewelries, noted Mail Online.

Just moments before the semifinal, the former X Factor Australia winner wrote on social media: “It’s been a whirlwind of a ride but it’s only hours away now.”

“Love you all and wish me luck,” she added.

The singer also did not forget to express her gratitude over being able to join Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

“Thank you Europe for inviting Australia to be a part of something so amazing! Thank you for all those that voted!” she said in another post.

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Despite not winning the competition, Dami Im is still elated over the experience.

“Coming 2nd in Eurovision is by far the MOST amazing achievement for me and for Australia and I’ll never forget the last two weeks. This is only the beginning! I can’t wait to bring more music to you Europe, watch out!!!” she said.