Dami Im represents Australia in the Eurovision 2016 song competition. She recalls Guy Sebastian’s words that the Eurovision song contest is like the “Hunger Games of music.”

In between rehearsals in Sweden, Dami Im spoke to Stuff.co.nz about the Eurovision song contest. She recalled Guy Sebastian who likened the competition to “Hunger Games,” only adding that this one was more about glitter, looking great, and having fun. And despite the glamour value attached, she took the international singing competition seriously.

Dami Im was wearing a silver Steven Khalil creation at the official dress rehearsal. She teamed his creation with silver stilettoes, long black wavy tresses, and fuschia lipstick, informed Daily Mail. The singer will be performing in Sweden next month. However, she revealed that she feels like an Olympian already.

“It’s a huge honour … I feel like I’ve become an Olympian or something and people expect a lot from me … I want to do well and let Europe know that Australia is great,” revealed Im. “So that’s why … I’ve got to just really work hard. I’ve got my song all ready, Sound of Silence, and so I’m going to sing and perform this for the rest of the world in Sweden,” she added.

Australia’s head of delegation, Paul Clarke, told Sydney Morning Herald that the competition will have a more humanistic trend this year and Dami Im fits the bill for Australia. Her migration story is compelling, warm and full of hope. On top of that, she is a powerhouse performer.

“Im is also a lightning rod of emotion when she performs,” said Clarke. “She can just feel an audience and be able to be the conductor of it, better than just about any performer I’ve ever seen, she just does it intuitively,” he added.

As Im gets ready to take the stage in semis, she wants her performance to do the talking. “I don’t want the performance to be bigger than the song. I want there to be a sense of intimacy as well as grandeur, so we’re working that out,” said Im. “It needs to be amazing and spectacular but I also want the meaning to really come across,” she added.