According to the International Luxembourg Forum, Europe is at an increased risk of a nuclear attack since World War II with the ISIS trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

“ISIS has already carried out numerous chemical weapons attacks in Syria; we know it wants to go further by carrying out a nuclear attack in the heart of Europe. This, combined with poor levels of security at a host of nuclear research centres in the former Soviet Union, mean the threat of a possible ‘dirty-bomb’ attack on a Western capital is high,” the Independent quoted Moshe Kantor, the president of the organization, as saying.

The warning came at a time when there are deep concerns regarding the possibility of a terrorist attack during the upcoming Euro 2016 football championship to be held in France. The forum consisting of former ministers and senior officials from the West and Russia said that the ISIS cell that carried out the Brussels attacks are currently monitoring the security arrangements and the workers at a Belgian nuclear facility.

In April, both NATO and the EU pointed out that there is “a justified concern” of the Islamic State using nuclear weapons to launch an attack on the Britain and the Europe.

“With CBRN [chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear materials], there is a justified concern,” the Telegraph quoted Jorge Berto Silva, deputy head of counter-terrorism for the European Commission, as saying.

The conference on Security and Counter Terror Expo held in London in April also heard that the ISIS could be plotting to plant bombs in human bodies and use driverless cars, Daily Mail reported.

According to Former British Defense Secretary Des Browne, a member of the forum and vice-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the threat of a nuclear attack requires a unified international response.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise that if terrorists get hold of nuclear material they will try to use it, we also know that they are seeking such material, there were reports, for example, of Isis getting hold of uranium when they captured Mosul,” he said. “It isn’t that hard to build a ‘dirty bomb.’ They may not kill that many people with such a bomb, but the effect on the environment, the infrastructure and the psychological impact on people would be devastating. They can also use cyber warfare to target a nuclear facility.”