Amid the refugee crisis and undergoing plans of deportation, other problems seems to be taking some toll over Europe. The European authorities have lost track of 10,000 minor migrants, who arrived in the past two years.  According to law enforcement reports, this is the estimated number of the missing minors across all European countries. The situation has become more critical for governmental organisations.

There are great concerns and worries that those minors could become victims of human trafficking and slavery. Authorities feared that the minors could be associated with the criminal gangs, said a senior official at the European Union’s police agency on Monday.

“They’re lost in the system,” he said of the minors. “I think our concern is that we know that there are people out there who will exploit minors. We know there are people who will take them and use them for their own purposes.” said Brian Donald, Europol Chief of Staff on minors.

Around 26,000 minors arrived in Europe last year without parents, according to Save the Children.

In May 2015, government officials from Italy were alerted about 5,000 children who went missing since last summers, according to BBC. Another case in Trelleborg in Southern Sweden has reported 1,000 unaccounted migrants gone missing.

“Not all of them will be criminally exploited; some might have been passed on to family members. We just don’t know where they are, what they’re doing or whom they are with.” said Donald, in a report by Townhall.

Europol officials said that children are believed to be displaced during the arrival in Greece. The country is the first entry point of all the 1 million migrants who arrived in 2015.

Earlier, EU alleged Greece for not adhering to the obligations and neglecting the initial registration process. The country was given three months to resolve the matter.

Last week, around 39 migrants died while crossing the Aegen Sea from Turkey to Greece.  Out of 55,568 arrivals in the Mediterranean, around 244 have died according to The International Organization for Migration (IOM), wrote BBC in a report.