Fans might not be the only ones who want to see Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield back together again.

The romance of the actor and the actress began on their movie The Amazing Spider-Man. However, by October 2015, the pair called it quits after four years of dating. The split was reportedly amicable and the two remained friends afterwards. Hence, their continued vacations together albeit among friends.

As expected, their trips would often raise rumors about their engagement even after the breakup. Yet they insisted their current relationship is only on a friendly basis. Then again, could the recent revelation of Emma Stone be enough reason for her and Andrew to rekindle their romance. Apparently, the actress remains in love with her former co-star. Her admission would seem to make the situation worse for their fans who wish to see them together again.

The actress had been reserved about her private life especially when it came to her romance with Andrew Garfield. Yet Emma’s accompanying interview as the cover girl of Vogue’s November issue was a major revelation.

“Someone I still love very much,” Stone said in reference to her ex-boyfriend. Thus, could love be lovelier the second time around for this adorable couple? Perhaps only time would tell if it would happen. Meanwhile, Emma Stone’s career is at an all-time high with the film La La Land with certified hunk Ryan Gosling.

Her role as an aspiring actress has sparked the Oscars buzz as early as now. At the same time, it raised rumors about a possible romance between her and Ryan given their amazing chemistry onscreen. Then again, the actor and actress are simply good at their craft. Hence, their convincing performances. Besides, the revelation of the actress would indicate she might not be ready to move on just yet.

Are you hopeful Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield will reunite?