Fans who have been waiting for some good news about the Eminem new album might have to wait for some more time. Why? There is a buzz that the release date of the most awaited album might get postponed since Adele is expecting. Is there any reality to this report?

According to social media updates, the rap god is most likely to drop his ninth album early next year and he is right on target. Reports have it that Adele was supposed to join Marshall Mathers to promote ‘Success’. However, they might have to drop the plan because the British singer is expecting.

Is her pregnancy going to affect the Eminem new album release date? Will it be pushed further? Adele has not yet responded to such claims, cited iTech Post.


Meanwhile, sources revealed that the Detroit rapper is happy with Adele’s pregnancy and he can very well understand the situation.

Earlier, it’s been reported that Eminem has tied up with a few legendary rappers and singers for his upcoming album ‘Success’. The list includes names like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Adele. Later, he was spotted in a studio recording for his new album.

What can be expected?

Typing Eminem new album on Google would give multiple stories on speculated release dates and updates. Fans across the globe are eager to know what is happening with the ninth album and when it will be out. As the anticipation to see what’s in store for Em’s next creation rises, some media outlets decided to offer their own theories on the album. Recently, a Reddit user allegedly posted the details of the leaked tracklist of ‘Success’.

It’s been predicted that Em might consider adding one of his unreleased tracks called ‘Difficult’ to ‘Success’. The 44-year-old created the rap number as a tribute to his childhood pal and rap legend Proof.

What about Haley who claimed to be the rapper’s illegitimate daughter? Mathers is yet to respond to such allegations, and his upcoming album might feature a diss track to slam such allegations.

At present, the Eminem new album has a lot of mystery surrounding it. Stay tuned for an official confirmation.