Fans remain vigilant for details about an Eminem new album. The latest speculation points to possible collaborations with a couple of up-and-coming pop artists. Hence, it could suggest a shift in the eminent rapper’s musical style.

The follow up to the 2013 album The Marshal Mathers LP 2 is long overdue for his many fans. However, various obstacles seem to stand in the way of an Eminem new album. A recent rumor hinted at his preoccupation with his latest business venture called StockX. Another pointed to his work on the soundtrack of Southpaw as the likely delay. Denaun Porter, a well-known Eminem associate, attributed it to the artist’s lack of inspiration. Hence, it might be awhile before anything new turns up.

Yet would the chance to collaborate with two of today’s fresh and best young artists rouse the attention of the eminent rapper? Shawn Mendes revealed his interest to work with Eminem and Niall Horan. The Stitches singer is currently on tour in the United States and Canada for his album Handwritten.

“I absolutely would [love that], we just haven’t had a chance yet to be in the same place at the same time to work on music. I’d also love to work with Eminem one day — that’s a big one for me,” Mendes told Hollywood Life.
Apparently, Mendes and the One Direction star have kept in touch via Twitter. As it turns out, Horan reached out in relation to his intention to pursue songwriting for his solo career. Thus, it would be interesting to hear what kind of music their collaboration produces.

The addition of the eminent rapper into the equation could lead to a different music type. Perhaps, it might make its way into an Eminem new album. To date, the rapper has released updates to his free game app Shady Wars with new tracks.