Sir Elton John’s legal team described the allegations of sexual assault and battery brought against the singer by one of his ex-security guards as “baseless.” A lawsuit was filed on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against the singer by Jeffrey Wenninger, the ex-security guard.

According to the court documents, Wenninger accused him of making sexually suggestive comments towards him and groping him. The lawsuit said that unwelcomed advances were made by the singer towards Wenninger since he started his employment under him as a personal security guard in 2002.

According to John’s lawyers, the allegations were levelled against the singer by a disgruntled ex-security guard, with the motive of extracting an undeserved payment.

“These claims are patently untrue and contradicted by numerous previous statements made by this plaintiff,” the BBC quoted Orin Snyder, a US lawyer representing the star’s Rocket Entertainment Group, as saying. “We will not give in to his latest abuse of the legal system.”

The suit said that Wenninger worked for John until September 2014. It added that on three occasions in 2014 the singer made sexual advances towards Wenninger while they were travelling in his car, the Reuters reported.

He also allegedly made sexually suggestive comments, like “Say Hello to Uncle Elton,” according to the suit. Wenninger tried to resist the advances verbally and physically, but John continued nonetheless.

Wenninger is a policeman who worked for John off-duty through a private company, which was also sued by him. He alleged that the company removed him in an improper manner from the singer’s team.

According to Wenninger, though he was facing the harassments for years, he did not quit the job or report it to the private security company. The company decided to drop him from John’s details. Wenninger believed that he was taken off John’s team because he accused a fellow officer of overtime theft, the Dlisted reported.