More often than not, Ellen DeGeneres gets to freak out her guests. However, that’s not the case when Kanye West is on the guest list.

No one could’ve expected what happened next as the rapper went on a live rant during the interview, E! News wrote. DeGeneres started their conversation with questions about his family life, Kim Kardashian, and daughter, North. However, the mood slowly shifted when the host changed the topic to his infamous Twitter rants, the publication noted. West stated he had no regrets about it. He even rebuffed DeGeneres’ advice to hire a board of directors to screen his tweets and told the host, “What’s the point of thinking?”

Yet it was her next suggestion that likely got to the rapper. As a result, Kanye West went on a seven-minute monologue to explain his “potential to make the world a better place,” Us Weekly reported. His now epic live-rant touched on various ideas that appeared to be significant to the rapper. He mentioned his plea to Mark Zuckerberg and his need for more funds to help more people. The rapper also slammed public perception of him then went on to present his credentials and how he was raised to make a difference. He also spoke about the 2016 #OscarsSoWhite controversy and his synaesthesia. At the end, he announced his wish to be the “Michael Jackson of apparel.”

The audience were receptive for the most part, although some of his points were met with bemused silence, the publication wrote. He later apologised for his rant and said “I’m sorry daytime television. I’m sorry for the realness.”

Ellen DeGeneres also appeared composed as West ranted on the show even though it likely caught her off guard a bit, HollywoodLife remarked. However, an insider revealed he might be back on the show even if his live-action rant might have freaked out DeGeneres.

“Ellen expected no surprises at all with Kanye, she knows that he would make good TV and that is what it is all about. She doesn’t regret him being on the show, she is happy that people care enough to watch the show even when people like Kanye come to it and act like a buffoon,” the insider told the publication. As it turns out, his Twitter antics were the reason for his appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the publication revealed.

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