Sophie Mirabella is suspecting that the Liberal Party campaign headquarters in the state of Victoria is responsible for a series of damaging leaks against her.

Mirabella is currently battling to reclaim the regional seat of Indi from independent candidate Cathy McGowan.

When asked if the story from The Australian entitled “Mirabella: She’s Cooked” came from her own camp, Mirabella sheepishly chuckled.

“It’s better not to say,” she told ABC’s 7:30 program, according to ABC News. “But if you show me the name of the journalist, I might be able to point you in the right direction. You can usually guess it 90 per cent of the time.”

In terms of her relationships within the Liberal Party for her to become an effective MP, Mirabella pointed out that the party and her parliamentary colleagues were different and asserted that her relationships with the latter were still good.

Her husband, ex-Army Lieutenant Colonel Greg Mirabella, says that he understands the nature of politics but is ready to defend his wife.

“I’m a private person but I’m also the person who can say things in defense of Sophie that Sophie can’t say for herself,” he said. “But every political colleague is also a competitor and is a potential enemy. It’s the reason why most people wouldn’t enjoy that political game, I think.”

From the start of the campaign period, Mirabella’s election campaign has been surrounded by controversy, with several members of the media and those in politics labeling her “The Queen of Mean.”

Mirabella came under fire last month when she declared that a regional hospital did not receive $10 million funding from the federal government because she lost to McGowan during the 2013 elections.

The allegations were immediately dismissed by her former coworkers, saying that a promise for funding was never made in the first place.