The second post-mortem of an Italian student, who was killed in Cairo, has revealed that he was brutally treated like an animal. Giulio Regeni, a PhD candidate from Cambridge University, had been in Cairo for few months for a research project over Egyptian labor movements. He went missing on Jan. 25, after he left his apartment to meet one of his friends.

His was body was later found with the multiple-stab wounds near a highway outside Cairo, nine days after he disappeared, said Italy’s interior minister on Sunday, according to a report by The Telegraph.

After viewing the dead body of the 28-year-old, Italy’s ambassador said that he showed signs of brutal “beating and torture”.

The second autopsy was performed in Rome, after his body was brought to Italy.

According to official sources, his neck was twisted and vertebra was  fiercely broken, leaving him unable to breath. He suffered from multiple fractures. Few medical examinations on body-fluid and tissues are expected to take few more days.

“We had to view the results of the autopsy. Regeni suffered something inhuman, animal-like, an unacceptable violence,” Alfano said, referring to Italian authorities.

To the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, Alfano stressed over the collective cooperation in the case, noting the Italian investigation with the Egyptian police authorities. Italy police took off to Cairo on Saturday for deep investigation, according to a report by New York Post.

“I am convinced that it is in the interest of el-Sissi to work together. No one can bring Giulio back to life, but bringing the truth to the surface will perhaps be able to save more lives.” Alfano said.

According to lawyer Halem Henish, “more than 300 such cases of disappearance were reported in 2015”, as documented by The Egyptian Association for Rights and Freedoms. He said that 35 cases were reported in 2016, in which two were found dead with series bruises and cuts.