There is fear among The Ecuadorians that the death toll in the Ecuador quake which is around 500 may drastically jump as there are still close to two thousand people missing.  According to the government report, nearly 500 people are dead in Ecuador’s Pacific coast. 1700 people are still believed to be missing three days after the 7.8 magnitude quake hit the region.

“We have 2,000 people listed that are being looked for, but we have so far found 300,” Deputy Interior Minister Diego Fuentes told reporters. He also noted that there are 480 people who were confirmed dead and approximately 2,560 others who were injured in the calamity.

In Pedernales and Manta, sniffer dogs and mechanical diggers are already being used in the rescue operations. International rescue teams and aid groups are also helping in the efforts in the quake effected areas.

People in Manta and other quake devastated cities are getting impatient day by day.  Although, some survivors were pulled out from the rubble,  hope for finding the missing alive is fading after the three-day rescue operation, reported Channel News Asia.

One of the men who owned a building which is destroyed in the quake said that he received messages in his phone and he was sure that there were people still alive.

He said, “ I have received messages on my telephone. They say there are 10 of them in a cavity, But the rescue teams will not listen to me.”

24-year-old Veronica Paladines said, “My husband is under there. He had just gone down to rest a bit when it happened.”

The government for the first time gave an estimate of the missing in the Ecuador quake which clearly indicate that the death toll will rise in the coming days. Among the dead there were at least nine foreigners, which included 2 Canadians and 1 American.

The lack of electricity in many quake struck areas is a blow to the rescue efforts, stated the Japan Times. The noise of the power generator used, is making it harder for rescuers to hear someone who might be trapped beneath the rubble.

However, Quito Emergency Services head, Christian Rivera said a person without serious injuries may survive up to a week depending on the situation.