The misdiagnosis of the 17-year-old boy named Abraham Memaigar cost his life last June 28, as the Ebola Virus returns in Liberia.

Mistakenly diagnosed as Malaria by a local clinic, all the symptoms shown by the victim — vomiting, diarrhea and high fever — were clear signs of the Ebola virus and was revealed through an autopsy. According to the Guardian Liberty Voice, Memaigar may have contracted the virus from an animal, probably after eating monkey flesh.

Unfortunately, a neighbor who may have had contact with the teenager has been confirmed positive of the virus as well after a laboratory test. 33 others who had contact with Memaiger before his untimely death had undergone strict quarantine, while another 100 who confirmed that they have encountered the young boy are now under observation but not totally secluded.

Liberia had been declared free from the Ebola Virus by WHO (World Health Organization) just last May 9, 2015. But this time, with its return, the doctors will have to determine if this contagious disease has mutated into a stronger strain or if it is still the same Ebola Virus that they have experienced for the past several years.

Dr. Ali Mirazimi of the Karolinska Institute sighted a possible treatment to stop the Ebola Virus from taking lives, especially in parts of Africa. In the Journal of Internal Medicine, Mirazimi confirms thats several tests are underway for a possible treatment to the virus that have taken thousands of lives, reported..

“Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases will continue to challenge both human and animal health around the world,” he said.

In addition to that, Dr. Mirazimi also states that there are ongoing science experiments to create a possible antidote for the treatment of the disease have showed equally good results.