Sonia Fowler and Tina Carter are favorites among “East Enders” fans. But their relationship has been on the rocks since the beginning of this season 15. Will their love survive? Or will they split up soon?

Natalie Cassidy, who plays Sonia on the show, thinks a breakup is on the horizon for the couple. “Sonia has a lot of stuff going on with Tina … I’m starting to feel like they aren’t meant for each other anymore,” the actress told Digital Spy. “It’s apparent that they’re the best of friends. They’re so close, but they’re very different people.”

Tina recently cheated on Cassidy’s character, but Sonia let her stick around because of her cancer scare. “I think if it wasn’t for the cancer scare, she probably would have broken up with Tina,” Cassidy confessed. “I think it’s the same the other way round too. Tina would have left Sonia by now. She even told Mick she was going to.”

But now that the cancer scare is over, will Sonia soon break it off with Tina? “I actually think Sonia might need some time on her own. I know it sounds boring, but it would be nice to see her at home with her daughter and giving herself a break,” the actress said.

Cassidy does admit, though, that her character’s relationship with Tina does have its share of fans. Even Sonia’s ex-husband, Martin, seems to approve. “I think Martin, even though he found it strange at first, now really genuinely likes Tina and Sonia. He supports Sonia and it’s nice that they have that friendship,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sonia and Tina’s possible split isn’t the only thing causing drama on “East Enders.” According to Metro, the show is considering letting convicted child killer Bobby Beale go free in a future episode. The news site predicts the series will soon face a backlash if they decide to push through with this story decision.