Australian Earth Hour organisers have reacted to the comments of the critics who wish the campaign to be ignored as it is a “silly fad” for them.

Sky News Viewpoint program’s host Chris Kenny invited social media people with negative comments for the environmental campaign on Sunday. He called the campaign a “pet rock.” On the other hand, Earth Hour event organisers have criticised Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for not showing any support for the campaign over the weekend, though several requests were made with an intention to protect the places that need environmental concern. The campaign has received significant support from the United Nations, but the Australian government did not even switch off anything over the weekend for the sake of the event.

Earth Hour Australia’s Manager Sam Webb reacted to the criticisms and hit the naysayers back on Monday. He said that the Australian leaders, including Turnbull, have still been “dragging their feet.” “There are some very cynical people in the world,” Webb told

“There are also those who have very closely held interests that are threatened by the move away from fossil fuels on to clean, renewable energy. Sadly, a small number of powerful people make a lot of money from creating the pollution that is causing global warming and they are doing all they can to keep polluting, with no regard for the devastating impact this is having around the world.”

Earth Hour organisers have been organising the environmental campaign in Australia since 2007. It is globally recognised as the largest voluntary action to be undertaken for the environment. It has managed to gather support from over 142 countries as well as territories across the world. The theme for the 2016 Earth Hour event is “Shine a Light on Climate Action.” Meanwhile in the Philippines, the SM City mall in the province of Bacolod hosted the Earth Hour program in collaboration with WWF Philippines and the nation’s local environmentalists.

On Friday, the organisers conducted different activities in that province to make sure the lights were switched off to conserve power. Around 12.3 megawatts of Negros Occidental power was said to be conserved during the Earth Hour as recorded by the three electric cooperatives according to the Philippine news portal, Sun Star. On that day, an Earth Hour Walk began from the Capitol Park and lagoon that proceeded to the SM City Bacolod mall. The talks on climate change, renewable energy and energy conservation were initiated during the program held at the area.