The Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly called “E3”, is just around the corner. With several games and companies revealing and teasing gamers with their new titles, what can we expect from E3 2016?

Here’s what gamers can look forward to from some of the companies.

  • Microsoft –  Engadget reports the game “Scalebound”, which was expected in this year’s E3, has been pushed to next year, but as a replacement gamer with an Xbox One may expect to see more revealing details about “Gears of War 4”. Other games fans should look out for include pirate-themed “Sea of Thieves”, mystery-filled “ReCore”, the anticipated “Halo Wars 2” which roots the game back to its strategic-gaming, “Dead Rising 4”, “Crackdown 3”, and several other games.
  • Sony – Sony might just be revealing a better version of the PS4 console, code-named “Neo”. The PS4.5 or the “Neo” has no official launch date but is expected to be brought up in this year’s E3. But what gamers would want to know about is the “PlayStation VR”. Not much news has been released recently but Sony may bring this up as well. As for PS4 exclusive games, Games Daily News says to expect details about “The Last Guardian”, “Horizon: Zero Dawn”, and the delayed “No Man’s Sky”.
  • Nintendo – Like the last two years, Gizmodo noted that Nintendo may not be appearing in the press conference this year. Instead, they will be streaming footage from their latest games such as the “Legend of Zelda”, and the much awaited “Pokemon Sun and Moon”. These will be streamed with a commentary from the developers alongside other games, namely: “Monster Hunter Generations”, “Dragon Quest VII” and “Tokyo Mirage Sessions”.
  • Bethesda – Also mentioned in Engadget, Bethesda will finally be revealing details about several of their titles. Included in the list are “Dishonored 2”, “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim HD” or a remastered version of the original “Skryim”, card game “Elder Scrolls”, “Legends” and a sequel to an old game “Prey 2”.
  • EAStuff reported that EA hasn’t released much details about most of their games, except for a snippet of “Battlefield”. This brings much expectations for the company especially for their games namely “Titanfall 2”, the latest “FIFA” game, and most especially, “Mass Effect: Andromeda”. Mentioned also in the website is that EA will reveal all these during E3 2016.
  • Ubisoft – More info will be released about “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands” and he recently revealed, “Watch Dogs 2”, as per Gizmodo. It wouldn’t be Ubisoft without “Assassin’s Creed”, but taking a much-needed break from the franchise, they will be releasing instead the trailer for its movie adaptation starring Michael Fassbender.
  • Telltale Games – According to Game Rant, Telltale will not be left out even if they won’t attend E3 as they will also be releasing the third game of “Walking Dead”. This would be streamed through IGN. More information will also be revealed regarding their “Batman” game.

E3 2016 is scheduled to be on June 14-16.