Fans waiting on any updates for the progress of “Dying Light” Enhanced Edition, here’s a good news for you: a new trailer has been released for the said edition.

An even better news? The Enhanced Edition has gone gold, which means that the game has completed development.

GameSpot reports that the trailer for “Dying Light” Enhanced Edition has been released by developer Techland. According to the website, the video features the new challenges in the game called “Bounties”. Check out the video for yourself below:

In terms of the new edition’s completion, GameSpot quotes game designer Maciej Binkowski in saying:

“Now that the Enhanced Edition has gone gold, we can focus on telling our fans everything they want to know about the enhancements we’ve made.”

Meanwhile, Express details that “Bounties” will be released as part of “Dying Light – The Following” expansion and provides a list of its categories. The website lists the three types of challenges from “Bounties” as a) Basic Bounties, b) Daily Bounties, and c) Community Challenges.

Express describes the Basic Bounties category as having the availability of fun tasks that can be accessed when exploring a Quarantine Zone. The category can also be accessed during quests and features heads being cut off and night chases.

Meanwhile, the Daily Bounties and Community Challenges are ways to keep players returning to the game every day. Express describes Dailies as a way to explore extreme gameplay elements while Community Challenges are described as challenges that will require cooperation of other “Dying Light” players, including the slaying of a million zombies.

In terms of how “Bounties” fit in the whole game, We Got This Covered quotes game designer Binkowski as follows:

“Bounties are a great way to bump up your XP, especially for the new Legend Levels which players will unlock once they max out one the base skill trees.”

It appears that Techland is dedicated at offering a heightened experience for fans and players of the game.

“Dying Light” Enhanced Edition is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 9.