Ginger Zee and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy are in the top three on Dancing With The Stars and she wasn’t going to let a painful injury stop her from trying to get the coveted mirrorball trophy.

Thanks to rest and physical therapy, Ginger Zee was able to take the floor for a contemporary and a freestyle and nabbed a 58 out of 60 score.

Speaking with DWTS co-host Erin Andrews after their performance, the two opened up about dancing in the face of Zee’s painful injury, and how they didn’t plan on letting it slow them down.

“That bench gets me, but we did it,” Zee shared after their dance routine, referring to some moves they did around the bench, E! News reports.

It was a complete shock when ABC reported that Ginger Zee is suffering from a broken pelvis and might lose her chance to perform in the Dancing With The Stars season 2 finale.

“By Wednesday, I went to see a physical therapist for the show, and she said my pelvis was forward and an inch off,” Ginger Zee shared. “I came back the next day, and [my pelvis] was backwards and an inch the other way. My pelvis was just moving all over.”

The site revealed that in order for Ginger Zee to get familiarise with her routine, she has been studying the tapes of rehearsals with Jenna Johnson as a substitute. Unfortunately, this is the only way that Ginger Zee will be able to learn her steps for now until she gets better.

“Right now she can’t dance at 100 percent and [troupe member] Jenna Johnson is standing in for her during camera blocking today,” the source told People magazine. “She won’t know until tomorrow if she can do the dances. Ginger is seeing the show’s physical therapist and is resting so that hopefully she will be able to dance tomorrow night.”