The hashtag #DropOutHillary campaign demanding Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s withdrawal from the race has become viral with about 100,000 people taking part in it. The movement reached the top of Twitter trends on Wednesday with scores of people expressing their displeasure with the Democratic participant.

The #DropOutHillary campaign is based on a number of arguments, an example of which is the matter that the polarising history of Bill and Hillary Clinton will create more gridlocks. The obstructionist Congress will only make matters worse under Clinton.

A number of voters taking part in the online campaign referred to numerous polls that showed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was in a much better position to take on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Sanders has so far been able to hold a larger lead against Trump than Clinton, at an almost 20-point advantage, the Inquistr reported.

But one of the strongest driving forces of the #DropOutHillary is the FBI investigations into the use of an unauthorised private email server while Clinton was the Secretary of State and her possible indictment over it.

The campaign as a face-off between Trump and Clinton in the final race for the White House became more probable. However, Sanders recorded a surprising win of almost five percent in the Indiana primary on Tuesday. “The fact that #DropOutHillary is the number one trend right now makes me very happy. Well done guys,” wrote Tommy, a Twitter user.

Another user, Beth Houston tweeted, “#DropOutHillary so kids can eat non-GMO food, drink clean water, get a college education, have universal healthcare & NOT die in another war.”

Salon stated that Clinton has 1,700 pledged delegates while Sanders have 1,410. For Sanders, it would be impossible to win the nomination with just pledged delegates. He would need the support of the super delegates or the unelected party elites who have the power to nominate any candidate they like.