Soon, a rolling delivery robot would deliver your scrumptious lactose-laden Domino’s Pizza at your doorstep. The company is developing a rolling a delivery robots in Australia and is currently under testing stage.

Other companies like Amazon and Google are experimenting with robo-deliveries that are developing drones. However, in six months, Domino’s Pizza would start the service is some areas, notes NBC4i.

Conversely, ultimate deploy of Domino’s remains to be seen, although Business Insider notes that the announcement and widespread media coverage is as much about marketing as a new business model is in place.

It is worth noting that the pizza industry has always been ahead in terms of technology. To recollect, pizza was a pioneer in implementing mobile apps and social media efforts to improve the services.

Although, some technology seems to be kind of silly such as the so-called Easy Order button which was started by Domino’s for its customers in November in the UK. The button was of plastic and by pressing it an order is placed which would be instantly transferred to a nearby franchise. Similar service was introduced last year named as Dash instant-order buttons.

Pizza tracking smartphone apps were introduced by both Domino’s and Pizza and that allows customers to know their pie’s progress. It shows the tracking from the oven to your house in real time.

Last year, eye-tracking technology was introduced to experiment with an electronic menu which displays an image of all the toppings and allows you select toppings just by looking at them.

Commercial drones are already a reality. Important aspects such as market forecasts for commercial applications, the leading players and regulatory process have a deep interest in BI Intelligence.