Drake ‘Views from the 6’: ‘Hotline Bling’ Iman Shumpert Version Released [Listen]


Drake recently revealed details about his “Hotline Bling” video during his ACL set, revealing that it should be out soon.

And along the way, fans have been treated to a number of remixes of “Hotline Bling,” and to add to that mix, Iman Shumpert has gone ahead and released his version, as shared by Rolling Stone.

Thursday witnessed Shumpert rolling out his new track “Highlight Reel (Hotline Bling Remix).”

In his latest track, the shooting guard from Cleveland Cavaliers covered his team losing in the NBA Finals to Golden State Warriors, the hardwork it takes to be a pro, and his new contract, as noted by Bleacher Report.

Shumpert had also recorded a new number last season before going into playoffs. He released another track after he signed on the dotted line for the $40-million deal with the Cavaliers. His efforts as an artist reveals that he is indeed someone to watch out for.

The NBA player is out of action and not seen on the court owing to his recovery from a wrist surgery. He isn’t expected to return until January.

Now that the “Hotline Bling” remix is out, can fans expect more tracks from this NBA player soon?

Who knows. But for now, they can tune in to listen to his “Hotline Bling” remix.

As for Drake’s “Views From the 6”, reports reveal it may just be out sooner rather than later, since the artist is reportedly hard at work to release the much-awaited album.

Drake announced at his Saturday ACL set that the show could quite possibly be his last performance this year as he will be caught up with the new album in the works.

It was during this performance that Drake had brought out J.Cole and naturally so, fans went crazy, evidenced by the Twitterverse and it was a wonderful surprise for those present at the event.

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