Drake’s upcoming album, “Views from the 6” would not be released for another week. But has a leaked version already found its way online? Will the rapper really release it as a double-disc album?

According to Inquisitr, the album has not been leaked online. However, there have been rumours that the Canadian hitmaker will be releasing two albums in one. One disc, Inquisitr reports, would be called “WHITE.” And the other disc would be called “BLACK.”

Meanwhile, Jimmy Codeine claims the album would actually have three discs, instead of two. In a blog entry on Mass Appeal, Codeine said Drake would release a third disc with a documentary about the process of his recording the album. However, these rumours have yet to be confirmed. Although if proven true, this could mean Drake would be releasing more songs than fans anticipated.

This is not the first time Drake’s album was rumoured to have been leaked. It was previously reported that a song off “Views” found its way online before the album’s office release. But it was later revealed that the track, “Things I Forgot To Do,” was not actually part of the rapper’s album. The track in question was just a song Drake recorded in collaboration with Babeo Baggins.

Fans need not wait too long for Drake’s new album, though. “Views from the 6” will hit record stores on April 29. It will be the rapper’s fourth studio album. Drake has reportedly been working on it since 2014.

“Views from the 6” will include the track called, “Summer Sixteen.” It was earlier reported that this song is about NBA MVP Stephen Curry. In the song, Drake claimed that the Golden State Warriors run practice in his backyard. But it was later revealed that it was only Curry who played basketball with the rapper at his house.