The fourth show of the Drake Summer Sixteen Tour took place at the Xcel Energy Center, Minnesota on Sunday. Attended by thousands of Dizzy fans, the show was a success.  Here are some highlights from his Xcel Energy Center’s performance.

The stage set up:

The stage was well illuminated to complement the status of this megastar.  Although warm blues and purples were the go-to, the lights kept changing with Drake’s musical tracks.  For example, when he intoned Hotline Bling, the lights turned into mellow pink. The only lights that remained unchanged throughout the show were the floating glowing bulbs.

Drake’s portions of the show:

Drake opened the show at Xcel Energy Center with his popular single Summer Sixteen. The track was followed by Still Here from Views and Started From the Bottom from Nothing was the Same.

Drake’s music can be emotional and almost embarrassingly honest, and always interrelated. Views is Drake’s fourth studio album that comprises 20 songs. The album smartly portrays different shades of Drake’s mood and feelings at the moment. The Drake Summer Sixteen Tour’s fourth concert followed the pattern.  His songs covered all the moods of the rapper—from emotional to naughty. Dizzy pulled off some straight ballad singing as well. His music brilliance was at its best during Drake Summer Sixteen Tours at Xcel Energy Center.

Here is a Twitter post by a fan:

With fireworks and smoke shot into the sky, Drake performed 0 to 100 and Versace. The screen behind him promptly blacked out as smoke billowed around a single spotlight. He then shifted into an emotional number, namely, Child’s Play. Dizzy stalked the stage, motioning to the crowd while stating observations on his and other people’s sexual and relationship habits.

The Show Ender:

The Drake Summer Sixteen Tour show at the Xcel Energy Center was scheduled to wrap up by 11 p.m. However, Drake continued it for a few more minutes. He started to express how overwhelmed he was to address Minnesota fans. The crowd responded with loud cheers. Near the end of the show, Drake told everyone that it is 11:15 and he will most likely be charged $20,000 for staying on stage. He also mentioned that at the Dallas stop, he was fined $13,000.

“F**k it,” Drake yells out. “Charge it to my card.” He is truly a superstar and there is no doubt why he is at the top.

The crowd went wild and he dove into Know Thyself. He ended the show with Legend, singing the chorus like Tony Bennett, reports City Pages. Soon the screen was flooded with pastel colors changing and melting into each other. It can be pronounced as one of the best moments from the show.

“It’s a crazy time we live in,” said Drake as he left the stage, “… care about yourself.”

Drake Summer Sixteen Tour show 5 will take place on July 26, 2016 at the United Center in Chicago. Stay tuned for more updates.