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Drake, Rihanna Split: Rapper Still Not Over Nicki Minaj?

Drake Rihanna Split

The reason behind the recent Drake Rihanna split could still be rapper Nicki Minaj.

Since the MTV VMA 2016, everyone seemed certain Drake and Rihanna would take their romance all the way to the church. Indeed, rumors were rife the Canadian rapper was ready to commit. Moreover, it appeared the Barbadian singer felt the same way. Hence, everyone’s anticipation for what would likely be a romantic event filled with music.

Then again, reports soon followed about the Drake Rihanna split owing to sightings of Drizzy with other women. The two names recently linked to the Canadian rapper were India Love and Dakota Gonzalez, both Instagram models, hence the revelation that Rihanna and Drake were no longer seeing each other exclusively.

This is not the first time news of the Drake Rihanna split hit the headlines. Previously, rapper and singer Nicki Minaj was reportedly involved in a love triangle. Apparently, Drizzy cannot get over the insane curves of Nicki, hence his problem of choosing between the two women. However, his feud with Meek Mill likely put off any chances he had with Nicki.

Nicki Minaj still the reason behind the Drake Rihanna split?

Could he still be carrying a torch for the female rapper up to now? Well, it would seem so. An insider revealed his obsession with Nicki Minaj led to his breakup with Rihanna. Apparently, he rapped lyrics from a collab they did together in front of RiRi. Whether it was intentional or not on the part of Drake, the Barbadian singer did not take kindly to his choice of song.

However, would the rapper even consider dating Drake? Apparently, not. Moreover, she is supposedly wise to the Canadian rapper’s ways. Thus, she does not want to be caught in a romantic mischief with him.

“Nicki would be damn fool to get with him on a romantic tip… She’s seen Drake tear through women like Hurricane Matthew and she’s not about to get twisted up in his shenanigans. She’s seen the aftermath of his destruction and she doesn’t want all the heartbreak and tears. She’s not one of those girls that he can just run game on and leave when he gets ready!” a source told Hollywood Life.

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